LED Gooseneck Grow Light Clip On Plant Lamp

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  • Upgraded Timing Function : This is the latest timing function USB plug in grow light , you can not only set it up for lighting 3 hours / 6 hours / 12 hours, but also adjust the brightness of the light and the distance between the light and plant according to plant needs.It will turn on/off auto each day.
  • 3 work modes&16 LED Beads & 5 Dimmable Levels : Red light on,Blue light on,both Red&Blue light on at the same time;16 LED Plant Growing Beads (11 red & 5 blue) .This upgrade version is ultra bright, lower heat and lower power consumption, high luminous efficiency and long service life. It has 5 Dimmable Levels brightness, 20%、40%、60%、80%、100%,you can adjust it according to plant needs.
  • USB connector& Clip Design: USB connector and stronger clip design apply to any place at your home or office. The input voltage to the USB Adapter should be 110-120V. Adjustable 360 degree gooseneck makes the light in any direction and can cover a larger area and provide energy for more plants.
  • Energy Saving- Upgrade Led Grow Lamp adopts to the most sensitive spectrum to help accelerating the growth of indoor plants, foliage plants, flowering plants, succulent plants, potted plants, promoting leaves and flowers blooming. 16 leds provide them all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.
  • Multiple Use-Amsuns single head grow light can be widely used in greenhouse, flower racks, Hydroponics Greenhouse Gardening,Seeding Growing. It is suitable for greenhouse cultivation, soluble breeding, gardening, flower breeding, starting seedlings, tissue culture, potted plants, succulent plants, foliage plants ,tomatoes plants, and any other fruits and vegetables

AMSUNS Grow Light

AMSUNS Plant Light

Why choose Amsuns Growing Light?

Amsuns is a high-tech company focus on R&D, producing and saling of Led lights. The company has applied for a number of original patents, Amsuns is committed to providing excellent products and best services to each customer.

Amsuns Test Data

Data From Spectrometer Test Report

Amsuns plant grow lights is made with high quality super bright bulbs.

Led beads life time up to 50000 hours.There for it has a higher data value than the ordinary lamp bead.

Amsuns Full Spectrum Test Report

Full Spectrum Light Source Test Report

Blue light influences the formation of chlorophyll, enabling the plant to intake more energy. Plants that receive plenty of blue light grow with strong, healthy stems and leaves. This process is called photomorphogenesis.

Red light contributes to the optimal development. It’s essential to a plant’s early life for seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. It also makes the plant yield better results when flowering.

AMSUNS Certification

CE, IC,FCC,ROHS,PSE Certification

All of Amsuns products are CE,IC,FCC,ROHS,PSE certified.

We are not middlemen but factory.We have applied for lots of original patents, All products passed by three quality test before shipped.

AMSUNS Auto Off Grow Lights (2)

Use the switch to control the lamp timer and operating mode

1. Lamp working mode:Select Red Light ,Blue Light or Both Red&Blue at the same time

2. 5 kinds Brightness level: 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100% Brightness

3. 3 timer setting:3H (controller indication LED is "red");6H ( controller indication is "blue");12H (controller indication is "Red and Blue")

AMSUNS Auto off growing light

Easy To Use

Amsuns Grow Light is intuitive and easy to use. Simply connect the adapter to the device and the plug to a nearby power source. The tube is more flexible and convenient. Adjust the product to optimal distance and lighting direction or as needed.

Warm Tip

You need to reset it for next time once the auto turn off procedures are performed

This timer can work independently and is not compatible with the third-party timers

AMSUNS Grow Lights For Indoorplant

Multiple Use

Amsuns Plant Light suitable for hydroponics greenhouse garden home and office,flower breeding, flowering plants ,starting seedlings, soluble breeding, gardening, succulent plants ,tissue culture, potted plants, foliage plants, pipeline cultivation and any othe fruits and vegetables.

-Promotes the growth of succulent plants such as cactii, etc

-Improves the taste of vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, etc

-Improves flower quality and lengthens flowering time

-Keep compact such as succulent plants cactii, etc

-Keep colorful such as violet, Aloe vera

-Increase yields


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